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Informing effective policies for responsible fisheries in South Africa

In March 2014 the Responsible Fisheries Alliance (RFA) agreed to support a project proposal presented by Dr Kevern Cochrane of Rhodes University, seeking to assess how better to reflect an ecosystems approach to fisheries management (EAF) within the key legal instruments that set the ambit for the management the of fisheries sector. The following recommendations were provided by the report:

  • Fishery management plans should be drafted for each fishery.
  • Stakeholders should play a more central role in fisheries management; a stakeholder advisory forum should be set up for this purpose.
  • Management decisions should be based on the best available scientific advice.
  • The different uses of marine resources should be proficiently planned.
  • The idea of human well-being in fisheries should be better incorporated into the Act.
  • The RFA is now looking to engage with DAFF, the fishing industry and the relevant experts to identify how best to advance the findings of this study.

Attached below is the full report on the study:



  1. Cochrane et al (2015) Final Report-Informing effective policies for marine fisheries (741.9 KiB)
    Informing effective policies for responsible marine fisheries in South Africa