RFA Agreement: Two more years of responsible practice

Alliance members, World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa (WWF-SA), BirdLife South Africa, I&J, Oceana, Sea Harvest and Viking Fishing, has signed a new two-year agreement before the end of 2017.

In renewing this commitment, the RFA agrees that the hallmarks of a responsible fishing company are ensuring its fishing operations and seafood products are sustainable, transparent, traceable and socially responsible. RFA members recognise the importance of these hallmarks and aspire to working towards having these implemented within their own operations and seafood products.

The alliance will streamline the number of projects undertaken, while also diversifying its scope of work to be implementable across the broader fishing industries. A key project already earmarked for the coming months will enhance electronic data reporting by developing digital mechanisms to facilitate the electronic transfer of fisheries catch data from the fishing industry to the regulating authority – the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF). Efforts will also be made to expand the RFA Training Programme so that all South African commercial fishers and DAFF Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) officials are provided with the opportunity to participate in the RFA Training Programme.

Current RFA Chair, I&J’s Jonty Jankovich, is optimistic: “The willingness to sign a new agreement is testament to the members’ commitment to sustainable practices. By committing to another term, RFA members recognise sustainability to be at the core of their business operations.”

WWF-SA’s Marine Programme Senior Manager, John Duncan, shares this optimism: “It’s great to see the RFA members’ willingness to renew their commitment. WWF-SA is particularly optimistic about the streamlined approach adopted by the RFA that will see the Alliance focusing strongly on entrenching  transparent, traceable and sustainable seafood supply chains across the members’ operations.”

If you have any queries contact RFA Co-ordinator, Junaid Francis, at jfrancis@wwf.org.za.